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In the steps of Krupp and Kühnhackl: Sturm as well as the appropriate time

26 years after his compatriot Uwe Krupp shot the Colorado Avalanche on June 10, 1996 in the third expansion for the Stanley Cup victory, Nico Sturm wish to tip in his steps. Every child who plays ice hockey has actually desired for shooting the crucial goal in a Stanley Cup final and then obtaining the mug up, said Sturm prior to the start of the evening on Thursday (2:00 a.m. MESZ) Starting final series versus defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

using Augsburg, Potsdam and also Minnesota according to Denver

Sturm, birthed in Augsburg and trained, then trained at Clarkson College in Potsdam in the United States state of New york city, has only been betting the avalanche for 3 months. His modification from the Minnesota Wild to Colorado was my luck, naturally: It could have been 30 other groups.

The previous first-rate protector Krupp fulfilled this childhood dream when he made himself immortal from the blue line in Denver. His objective is obviously fabulous here, Sturm discusses the condition of today's train of the Fragrance Haie, who scored Colorado in the very first year after moving from Quebec to win the Stanley Cup.

as a deep player for winning the title?

Sturm sees himself as a deep gamer that has his missions in the fourth as well as third row. Of course, the main point is to shut the back, to win my bullys, to be exceeded. He has so much done this so well for Colorado that better missions in the final are not excluded.

Nevertheless, the 27-year-old center forward is the 8th German in the final for the most sought after ice hockey prize in the globe. Along with Krupp, Dennis Seidenberg (2011 ), Tom Kühnhackl (2016 and also 2017) as well as Philipp Grubauer (2018) also won the Stanley Cup. Olaf Kölzig (with Washington), Christoph Schubert (Ottawa) and Christian Ehrhoff-Mit Vancouver 2011 versus Seidenberg's Boston Bruins-Gingen.

Sturm's role in the Avalanche team can not be compared to Krupps at the time. In comparison, aggressor Sturm was just used 7 times in the K.-O.

like Kühnhackl: At the best time in the right location

Denver is superior, he excites, I really feel absolutely comfy below, was used up as a gamer and as a person. The celebrities of the avalanche are different: striker Nathan Mackinnon, captain Gabriel Landeskog or the offensive defender Cale Makar, who climbed to the superstar. Yet if a German would certainly shoot them again, they would certainly not mind in Denver. Like 1996.

Sturm's duty in the Avalanche team can not be compared to Krupps at the time. In contrast, opponent Sturm was only used seven times in the K.-O. Sturm sees himself as a deep gamer who has his goals in the 3rd and 4th row. Like the Landshuter, Sturm only made it into the NHL at the age of 24 as well as, after the college league NCAA, had to confirm itself for 55 games in the Farmliga Ahl in 2019/20.


His duty for the avalanche is more equivalent to that of Tom Kühnhackl, that triumphed two times in a row with the Pittsburgh Penguins as predominantly protective, strong striker in 2016 and 2017. Like the Landshuter, Sturm only made it into the NHL at the age of 24 as well as, after the university league NCAA, had to prove itself for 55 games in the Farmliga Ahl in 2019/20. And now he is in the ideal area like Kühnhackl at the right time.


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